SIME Lab Tales

Research is the strong foundation upon which every successful academic institution is built. Here at SIME under the guidance of esteemed faculty members and professors with an avid group of students we are always working and looking to widen and deepen our interests and knowledge. Here are the Research Projects for 2020-2021.

Problem of Vegetable Sellers and Bangle Makers Solved!

This product design and prototyping project was led by the senior researcher Utkarsh. He has designed an Ergonomic Ground Chair to solve the problem of small scale industry workers who spend most of their work hours sitting on ground without any structural support to their back. The problem was identified and a very innovative design of ground chair was developed that is economical, space efficient, mechanically stiff and most importantly ergonomic. The product has been designed to support a wide range of user anthropometry and software as well as paper analysis has been properly carried out. As the name suggests, the chair can be put on the ground and can be reclined as desired by the user. There is a provision of adjusting the recline by using the easily operable slot system on the lower frame. The product is still in it’s pre-prototyping phase and will be manufactured once the COVID situation settles down.

Project Achievement :

Awarded second prize in Institute Innovation Contest 2020 that was organized by Institute Innovation Council (a Ministry of Education, GoI Initiative), BIT Mesra.

Fuel Retail Industry Problems Troubleshot by SIME Members

This project was led by Shivansh Goyal with his teammates Rumi Bharti and Utkarsh at the Society for Industrial Management and Engineering. The project was regarding the modification of fuel stations to make the operation possible with minimal touchpoints in times of pandemic. The calculations done in the project show that the operation will become cost-efficient under 3 years of the initiation. Apart from this, the team also brought a very interesting solution for fulfilling the power demand of Electric Vehicle Fuel Station by using renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. The team developed the concept of a hybrid model that exploits the energy from both wind and solar sources. They developed a robust Business for both their solutions after proper market study and customer survey.

Project Achievement :

Awarded second prize in Campus Innovathon 2020 that was organized by Gilbarco Veeder Root, India that saw participation in thousands from all over the country. Shivansh Goyal was also awarded with the title of ‘The Best Presenter’ in this competition.

Groundbreaking Innovation in Automobile Energy Recovery System

This project was led by Ishan Kashyap - a senior researcher at the society. The project is regarding the recovery and utilization of waste heat energy from an IC Engine equipped Automobile. About 60% of total energy of fuel is lost in form of heat and the project aims to create an effective system which can recover almost 50%-60% of that lost heat energy and store it in form of electrical energy in batteries which can be used to power other systems such as AC, lights etc, this method when merged with Kinetic energy recovery system can be utilized in Hybrid Vehicles and could increase the range of a hybrid vehicle by almost 40%.

Project Achievement :

Published in Weentech Proceedings in Energy (2021), Page 11-23, International conference on Innovative Development and Engineering Applications

Tennis Racket Design Being Re-Engineered!

A team of senior researchers at SIME, BIT Mesra are analysing the vibrational aspect of tennis racket design. Rackets are subjected to a very high variation in impact load, angle of strike, velocity and more which makes it a very interesting component to analyse and optimize it's design that shall be stiff, light and should provide an exceptional 'feel' to the player. In the picture, you see one of the modal shapes of a fundamental model of tennis racket design. Based on the analysis, design will be further modified and correlation between various factors and racket behaviour will be worked upon.

Engineering behind a Falling Asteroid Analyzed

This short project was completed by a team of senior researchers at SIME. The project focuses on the analysis of an asteroid entering our atmosphere using various factors such as temperature distribution, pressure distribution, velocity analysis and density variation. Such analysis can help in analysing the true mass, volume an speed of the asteroid with which it entered the planet's atmosphere.

Lean Six Sigma Analysis of a Call Center

Machine Learning techniques were used by a team of senior researchers at society to analyze the behaviour of customers calling to a call center based on the time duration of call. This was part of a lean six sigma project in which they were trying to understand the underlying root cause behind the falling rating of a call center (data provided by Institute of Business and Industrial Statistics of the University of Amsterdam). They found out a correlation of 0.7 between the time duration of call and whether a customer hung up the call in between or the problem was solved. The analysis suggested that call duration needs to be further analyzed and employees should be trained to conclude the call in a certain time frame.