our events

SIME events are a platform to sharpen our skills and progress further via the means of an effective and healthy competition. The events aim to motivate and provide a platform for eager students from various fields to compete and come out on top from amongst their fellow counterparts. Events are a fun and innovative way to inculcate the spirit of competition among the participants while putting them up against formidable challenges and bringing the best out of them.


Anvil was the very first online event organized by SIME on its social media handles. The idea was to challenge the participants to solve riddles based on pictures and few hints. The challenge has four levels of questions with different weightage. Questions were based on “Basics of Mechanics” & “Production Lab”. The speed of answering riddles is one of the essential factors for completing the quiz. The event lasted for up to four days with three winners.

code industry challenge

Code Industry Challenge is SIME’s intra campus coding challenge which focused on problem-solving related to industrial operations, network optimization, transportation, game theory, etc. Participants hold the liberty to use any programming language also study links are provided beforehand to better understand the algorithms. The responses are evaluated on the effectiveness of algorithms and the timing of submission.

Asta Di autos

Asta Di Autos is an event organized by SIME which is one of its kind as it gives a platform to the participants to enter an auction as automobile tycoons where they have to buy and make the best vehicle using the auctioned parts. For winning this event, every team had to fight through 3 rounds. Different components were auctioned and every team had a fixed capital for the bidding. The teams were judged on the basis of their vehicle’s strength, speed and how economic it is.

supply game

Supply Game is a competition organized by SIME for the enthusiastic aspirants, it revolves around planning and execution of supply chain management, and the event also brings a huge experience of how product-based companies function in their supply chain, logistics, and transportation management. It consists of two rounds first is the optimization round, in which participants will have to submit their ideas of warehouse management and explain their thoughts which gives immense knowledge of how the industry works, and in the second round, the participants have to showcase their presentation to the jury.