About us

The Society for Industrial Management and Engineering, BIT Mesra is a platform for students with an affinity for industrial science, technology, and management. The objective of the society is to organize various events, training programs, webinars and workshops to nurture industry enthusiasts and encourage innovation within its members through research projects. SIME aims to prepare the undergraduates of BIT Mesra for the ever-evolving fourth industrial revolution. Since it's inception, SIME has thrived to become a healthy learning ecosystem for students from departments like Mechanical, Production, Biotechnology, Chemical, CHP, ECE, Food Technology and others. The members are passionate to grow their skills and eventually provide benefits to the student community through various events, magazines, publications, youtube and social media series.

What we do



Research is the strong foundation upon which every successful academic institution is built. Here at SIME under the guidance of esteemed faculty members and professors with an avid group of students we are always working and looking to widen and deepen our interests and knowledge. At SIME we are always preparing ourselves for the future and with the research team always on a keen lookout we aim to continually publish papers and research proceedings of the highest quality that put us on the forefront of Industrial breakthrough.

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Industrial Visits

Industry is the true fiery crucible in which the best of engineers are forged. Being accustomed with Industry and its work layout has become a staple need in engineers of the present day. At SIME we aim to provide industrial visits that offer an insight into how a leading industry or factory works. Industrial visits provide a hands on practical knowledge on various industrial concepts, knowledge and management topics. With the IAR team working under SIME we are continually looking and working to be updated and be on the forefront of Industry 4.0.



SIME events are a platform to sharpen our skills and progress further via the means of an effective and healthy competition. The events aim to motivate and provide a platform for eager students from various fields to compete and come out on top from amongst their fellow counterparts. Events are a fun and innovative way to inculcate the spirit of competition among the participants while putting them up against formidable challenges and bringing the best out of them.



Every learning is best learned when it is understood and not just remembered. The workshops we have are curated to reinforce the process of learning and are ideally structured to improve the process of understanding. Workshops are an incredible way of interacting with interested and eager public and also an efficient means of testing the conceptual depth and technical knowledge of the participants. At the workshops we focus on a wide variety of topics ranging from hands on experimenting, theoretical understanding and even industry grade software usage to widen our array of skillset.


Inter-institute meets

As a part of a very reputed and respectable institution SIME collaborates with various institutes and colleges throughout the country. Inter-Institute meets are an essential part of our regime where we compete with and against the bright minds of other reputable institutions and collaborate on projects and innovations. The meets also provide an excellent chance to meet and work under new professors, laboratories and environments for students from both the institutes.



Our annual fest is being planned to be most enjoyable and prestigious event that is aimed at bringing forth participation from all over our country and engaging in a wide variety of Technical/management events and exercises that brings out the true potential for excellence in all of them.